Financy is a women’s money magazine that has a mission to deliver finance in a way that educates, entertains and connects. We represent a movement towards women living their best, most fulfilling lives through achieving their money goals. Leading us is Bianca-Hartge-Hazelman, a renowed multi-media financial journalist, educator and advocate for women. Joining her is a growing number of collaborators. These are women and men who are experts in areas of finance, personal coaching and who want to help grow the financial futures of women.

What began as a passion of Bianca’s just five months ago, to deliver a fresh and engaging take on finance to fellow investors and smart shoppers, has now given rise to a rediscovery of financial fitness – it’s a lifestyle that transcends the pages of dull financial clutter and enhances the lives of readers – just like that favourite beauty mag, fashion brand or holiday destination. Producing daily articles in our website magazine, weekly newsletter and discussion in our online communities, our content provides readers with a distinct sense of confidence, courage and smart approach to life.

Financy believes in the philosophy of read, dream, achieve.