Rosie Thomas

Rosie and Lucy Thomas are cofounders of PROJECT ROCKIT: Australia’s youth-driven movement against (cyber)bullying, hate and prejudice. The sisters launched the program back in 2006 when they were fresh out of school because they saw how bullying was robbing their peers of opportunity. With the belief that the world should be a place where kindness and respect thrive over bullying and all young people should be free to realise their potential, PROJECT ROCKIT was born. Since then, they’ve been sending relatable young people into schools to run cool and credible workshops that tackle (cyber)bullying and build leadership. PROJECT ROCKIT has now positively impacted hundreds of thousands of young Australians, earning the reputation in schools as the ‘student-favourite’.

Empowerpreneur, social justice junkie and cofounder of Australia’s youth-driven anti-bullying & leadership organisation PROJECT ROCKIT, Rosie is committed to providing totally innovative opportunities for young people to realise their potential.

Rosie is a highly energetic and passionate facilitator and keynote speaker, whose extensive experiences in working with diverse youth communities have bolstered her strong sense of compassion and understanding towards fellow young people. For the past 10 years, she has dedicated her professional life to helping the lives of young people.

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GETTING IN: Using Business to Drive Social Change (Keynote), Join the Social Entrepreneurship Revolution (Panel)