Simplified strategies for leadership

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Enterprises with strong and effective leadership operate in a happier, more cohesive, and more productive ways.

However being a leader is not the same thing as simply being a supervisor or boss. A boss manages others from a place of power and control, somewhere “up above” in an organisational hierarchy, whereas a leader guides others in a way that inspires them to succeed while growing and learning at the same time.

A leader fosters a team mindset; members of the team are encouraged to think, contribute and solve issues for themselves. Leadership is about empowerment of the entire team as both individuals and as a whole.

Some simple strategies to enhance your effectiveness as a leader include:

  • Lead by example. Rather than simply telling others what you expect of them, demonstrate what you want from them and be what you want to see in your team. You can’t expect others to perform in a way that is not reflected by your own actions.
  • Focus on creating a context for the success of your team as a whole. True leadership involves continuously reassessing the most basic goals and priorities of your business. You need to encourage and facilitate the ongoing success of members of your team, which will ultimately benefit your business objectives.
  • Build strong relationships within your team. Yes, you are the team leader but, at risk of sounding cliché, there is no “I” in “team”. Lead from a place of collaboration and valuable authority to build trust and teamwork to achieve mutual success.
  • At all costs, leave office politics, interpersonal conflicts and isolation out of the mix. Resolve conflicts promptly and in a calm manner.
  • Rather than dictating, encourage and coach your team to find solutions themselves. When people feel a sense of personal achievement, they remain motivated and feel a renewed purpose in their work.
  • Finally, be a cheerleader, not a critic. Focus more on what people are doing right and be understanding, yet clear, about areas requiring improvement. When employees and team members feel valued, they perform better, work harder and remain loyal to their team and their employer.

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