If You Want Engagement, You Need To Do This First

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Is your business simply plodding along but not reaching what you believe to be its full potential? What are you missing? The answer could be in your digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing refers to marketing via digital technologies, including email, mobile SMS, social media, apps and the like. It is targeted and measurable, and its end goal is to facilitate customer engagement while promoting brand awareness – ultimately, to increase sales.

In today’s technologically savvy world and global marketplace, competition for consumer attention and dollars has never been fiercer and business models have evolved from brick and mortar stores to online businesses (or at least businesses that also have an online presence). Digital marketing strategies are essential to enhance traditional marketing efforts and will help you to harness a targeted audience.

Did you know: Facebook Messenger has added 100 million users in the last three months? According to Facebook, it now has 900 million monthly users.

Personal messaging is just one way businesses are targeting their customers through digital marketing. Here’s how a digital marketing strategy can help grow your business.

  • It will enhance your SEO activities.
  • It will help you define your goals as a business.
  • It will help you identify and understand your target customer.
  • You will be more competitive, and even as a small business you will have a platform to compete with the big players in the marketplace.
  • Your brand identity will be defined.
  • Consumer awareness of your brand will skyrocket.
  • It will promote and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing practices.
  • Digital marketing delivers higher conversion rates than traditional marketing and better return on investment.
  • You will generate higher revenue.
  • You will earn the trust of consumers.
  • Consumers appreciate businesses with an online and mobile-optimised presence.

With new platforms such as Periscope revealing it has broadcasted 200 million livestreams (AdWeek) in its first year of operation, the question you should be asking yourself is can you afford not to have a holistic digital marketing strategy that incorporates social media, email marketing and SMS?

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