This Is How You Can Free Up Your Cash Flow

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The financial implications of delving into an entrepreneurial venture can be vast. Many startups fail, approximately 90%, and a major factor is lack of funding. But how can entrepreneurs overcome this financial struggle, especially when personal financing options have been exhausted? What if you could get a large capital injection for your business with no strings attached? Yes – money you don’t need to pay back!

The government has a reserve of funds that are budgeted each year to finance businesses like yours in the form of grants. And the good news is that these funds are available to you. Through grants, the government is fulfilling important needs in society that will ultimately have a positive impact on the nation’s economy. Grants are issued to entrepreneurs, small businesses in various industries and in some cases specifically for female business owners.

So, what’s the catch? Well, first off you need to know where to look for and how to apply.

Often business owners assume that identifying and applying for a government grant is too complex and conclude that their chances of being awarded grant funds may be low, yet the reality is that the process is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, your chances of getting funding could actually be quite high if you know where to access government grants, the process involved, and the application guidelines that will be crucial in determining whether your funding proposal is successful or not.

At Rare Birds Con 2016, we will run a session on just this topic. Stefanee Lovett will walk attendees through her unique insight into government and how you can engage to grow your businesses during her workshop on government tools.

At the end of the conference, you’ll not only be inspired by what’s possible but you’ll have access to the necessary tools and resources that will enable you to confidently move your business to the next stage.

Be sure to check out the full schedule and get your tickets today.

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