This Is Why You Should Think About Starting A Tech Business

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In today’s economic landscape entrepreneurship has become a sought-after way of life for many. The idea of control, flexibility and freedom attracts individuals far and wide to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, and being a business owner has become a more accessible career than ever before.

So, what does the global entrepreneurship landscape look like in 2016 and what does it mean for female entrepreneurs in particular? We believe that one key factor is technology. Massive growth advances in technology in every industry are occurring and 2016 is pegged to be the year of robotics, virtual reality, wearable technology and integrated communication device systems. Because of this, the demand for technology driven products and services is higher than ever. The technology sector has a current contribution of 60%+ to all startup ventures but surprisingly the number of female entrepreneurs in the technology industry has declined in the last year by 19%.

Men have historically dominated the technology industry, while women have been seen to be discouraged from participation for a number of reasons including gender stereotypes. Yet women are acknowledged as strong and effective leaders, and female entrepreneurs are proving this as women-run businesses are more likely to have 49%+ higher valuations at funding rounds than businesses run by men. It has also been show that women-led companies achieve a 30%+ higher return on investment. A push toward women led technology businesses is on the rise and the global entrepreneurial landscape is changing rapidly.

At Rare Birds Conference 2016, the topic of global entrepreneurial landscapes will be expanded upon by Prof. Patricia McDougall-Covin, who is credited with founding the growing academic field of international entrepreneurship.  Whether you are an aspiring female entrepreneur, a entrepreneur knee deep in growth or on the verge of getting out of your business, Prof. McDougall’s talk is not to be missed. Grab your tickets  or browse the full schedule on our home page today.

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